Who We Are

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Eva Powell

Founder & Director

Our Founder and Director is a qualified business psychologist with a MSc (with Distinction) in Occupational and Organisational Psychology. She has 12 years experience both directly providing care to service users as well as managing and developing outreach services in the education, health and social care sectors, for children and young people with learning, behavioural and physical difficulties. She is also a trainee child and adolescent psychotherapist.

Her motivation to establish ATA Training and Development Ltd, stems from years of shared experiences and conversations with other health and social care workers, service users and their families. Having witnessed or been informed about countless undesirable service user experiences, ignited her passion to improve the health and social care services accessed by those most vulnerable in society, particularly those with physical disabilities, learning and mental health difficulties. She does this by raising awareness of the common challenges they face and training and developing staff to provide high quality person-centred care.

Another area Eva is passionate about is improving the working conditions of health and social care workers, particularly those in domicillary care and care homes. Reports of low-morale, high levels of occupational fatigue and the inappropriate assignment of inexperience staff to service users with complex needs, has driven her to work with leaders of health and social care organisations to help create safe and desirable working environments which boost employee morale, motivation and encourages their upskilling and development.  


Florence Wambulu

Senior Trainer

Our Senior Trainer has over 25 years experience in the health and social care sector; and has worked with adults and young people with a variety of physical, medical and mental health needs, in domicillary care, nursing homes and hospitals. She comes equipped with a Level 5 NVQ in Health and Social Care Leadership and Management, and substantial expertise in providing high quality care to service users. She has also worked as a domicillary care assessor, which included conducting risks assessments to help inform the service user’s care plan; and has trained 100+ staff who were new to the care sector.

 Florence is passionate about carers providing high quality care to service users which promotes their dignity and independence. She is also passionate about improving the working conditions of carers and has been an ambassador for Unison for over 4 years, speaking at many conferences nationwide.