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Level 1 & 2
Food Hygiene & Safety Training

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The Food Hygiene & Safety training can be provided individually or as part of a bespoke package.

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Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants at:

Level 1 will be able to:

  • Describe the legal requirement with regard to food hygiene and safety.

  • Explain the results of poor food hygiene practices at work and at home.

  • Recognise the causes of food poisoning.

  • Recognise food poisoning symptoms.

  •  Understand the importance of good personal hygiene.

  •  Understand the importance of correct food handling and preparation at work.


Level 2, in addition to the Level 1 objectives, will be able to know:

  •  How we ensure effective handwashing.

  •  How we ensure foods are chilled down as quickly as possible.

  • How we check that foods are cooked thoroughly.

  • How we ensure effective cleaning.

  • What to do if a member of staff is ill at work.

  • How we keep pests out, what to look for and the action to take

Course Overview

Target Population:  All staff.

Course Duration: 

Level 1: 3 hours

Level 2: 5 hours

​Certification:  Level 1 or 2 Food Hygiene.

Assessment: Knowledge assessment via a question paper.

Number of Participants: 20 Maximum

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Our Food Hygiene & Safety Training:

  • Based on the compliance requirements placed on trainers by the Food Safety Act of 1990; a variety of food  safety / hygiene regulations including those introduced in 2006; the Food Information for Consumers Regulation and the CQC standards.

  • Can assist Health & Social Care Diploma candidates with the various  elements of their learning. 

Choose Your Training
Group: In-House
Level 1:  £250 
Course Duration: 3hrs

Level 2:  £420 
Course Duration: 5hrs
  • Training for up to 20 Staff
  • Staff Workbooks Provided
  • Accredited Certificates Awarded
Group: Live Virtual
Virtual Team Meeting
Level 1:  £200 
Course Duration: 3hrs

Level 2:  £380 
Course Duration: 5hrs
  • Live Interactive Virtual Training
  • Training for up to 12 Staff
  • Staff Workbooks Provided
  • Accredited Certificates Awarded
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